Remodel Design

Recognizing the essential need for a remodel is straightforward for most homeowners, but navigating the subsequent steps often proves to be the most challenging aspect. At AMD Interiors, we specialize in expert home remodel design planning, serving as your premier resource for transforming both residential and office spaces. Our bespoke approach delivers comprehensive renovation designs, guiding clients through each phase with clarity and confidence. With meticulous attention to detail, we orchestrate a start-to-finish renovation plan that ensures seamless execution and unparalleled results. Remodel planning with AMD Interiors is meticulously structured, typically comprising three distinct phases:

1 | Conceptual Planning

2 | Final Design Planning

3 | Design Implementation

Step 1 | Conceptual Planning

This is your first step in the process of planning a home or office remodel.   An expert draftsman will measure your space and generate as built plans to utilize during this expedited design process.  Following, you will meet with our Lead Interior Designer to establish the most effective layout for your remodel, as well as discuss budget, expectations and timeline.  Within a few weeks, you will have a complete Conceptual Design Package that includes:

  • Design Plans (not for permitting)
  • Fixture and Material Allowances
  • Scope of Work
  • Conceptual Design Board

This will be your outline for meeting with, obtaining estimates from, and the eventual selection of your contractor.

Starting at $2,500

Step 2 | Final Design

This phase of design follows the selection of your contractor.  We outline every decision and selection that is required for your remodel project and guide you through our process of designing your dream renovation.  We will explore deeply into how you live, work and play in your home to ensure that every fixture, surface and design detail is catered to your lifestyle, design aesthetics, and functional requirements.  Our final design package includes the following:

  • Final Design Plans
  • Fixture and Finish Schedule
  • Final Estimates for all materials and fixtures
  • Digital Mood Boards for every space
  • Physical sample boards for each room

Starting at $10,000

Step 3 | Design Implementation

During the course of your home remodel, we will collaborate with your building contractor to ensure that every question is answered quickly and efficiently.  Your interior designer will attend regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of work, and prevent or catch costly or untimely mistakes.  We will ensure that fixtures and finishes are ordered and arrive on time, in order to prevent delays or the need for disappointing reselections.  Our interior design team will stand by you, answering questions, providing feedback and keeping the project on track every step of the way.

Starting at $1,000 per month