Frequently Asked Questions

I am just shopping for the right designer, can I schedule a free appointment?

Our initial appointments are not meet and greet appointments, they are collaborative design appointments.  As a result, we charge a fee for them.  During our Working First Appointments, we dive straight into the heart of good design. Every question you pose will be met with thorough attention, from selecting paint colors to crafting floor plans. Your requests are not only welcomed but encouraged.  Moreover, every document, lead, or product recommendation provided will be yours to retain and utilize.

I understand that some designers offer complimentary consultations for new projects.  However, the essence of why clients engage a designer lies in the desire for professional and expedient solutions to their design inquiries, solutions that enrich their home projects with added value. I firmly believe that the true measure of our team’s ability to enhance your project is through active collaboration.

Should you still like to meet before our appointment, I encourage you to set up your discovery call as an in person appointment at our studio.  I am always happy to take a coffee break to chat about our services and how our process works!


How do I know you will be able to work with my style of home and design?

One of the most common first questions a designer is asked is, “What is your favorite style?”

The answer “Good Design!”

The key to this is understanding the difference between ‘design’ and ‘style’.  Design is a set of constants, it is a language, one that most understand when they see it expressed correctly.  These constants can be expressed through an understanding of design principles.  At the basic level, some of the key principles are balance, contrast, texture, rhythm.  We speak this language, moreover, we translate it.  We take your home’s inherent architectural voice, and combine it with your style, preferences, wishes and needs.  What results is a unique home or space that harmoniously unites you with your home in a way that is unique and timeless.


I don’t think I need all the phases of your design process, can we just bypass the first few, and I can hire you to just help me pick out a few things?

While the design process is, intentionally, in depth, it is the key to success, and is required it for all projects. Hiring a designer is not for everyone, it is for those who determine that the value added by making the best choices for their home is worth the investment.  we take the time at the beginning of every project to ensure that your home is understood, there is clarity on what style spaces you can envision seeing yourself in..  In doing so, every time a selection is made for a different project, it is viewed from a different perspective.

I have a fixed budget for design services, can you build a design contract around what I can spend?

Yes and No.  Depending on your budget, we may be able to cater our services to your specific budgetary needs.  When you first speak to us, let us know what that budget is and we will let you know what accommodating it will look like for you. Our fees are based on your home and design needs within it, and those are not adjusted depending on the person or budget.  Each of our design phases listed in our services, provides a pivotal step in the process of design.  The steps must be completed in order, but we do provide the option of design with a limited scope by selection at what point a client would like to conclude their design contract (ie. completion of phases 1-3 vs. 1-5)

How much does an interior designer cost?

While I have a formula for establishing the fees for every project, estimating those fees before meeting with you, is nearly impossible.  Here is a quick and easy formula to help you see a snapshot of what your design fees will likely be

Project Budget                                                  Design Fee

Under 50k                                                               N/A

Under 100k                                              20-22% of budget

Under 250K                                             18-20% of budget

Under 500K                                              15-18% of budget

Under 1 Million                                         12-15% of budget

1 Million +                                                  10-13% of budget