New Home Design

Our New Home Design services ensure that every desire and need of you and your family are accounted for. We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, working closely with your architect to ensure every aspect is meticulously attended to and the design intent of you and your architectural team continues to be honored, as we implement the design details, fixtures and finishes that will make your home functional and unique.  Each of the  six pivotal phases within our design process serves as a cornerstone, offering a moment where our clients can seamlessly take the reins, while also extending an open invitation to further collaboration, where our expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to fortify and refine your vision.

1 | First Appointment

2| Architectural Review

3 | Conceptual Design

4 | Schematic Selections

5 | Final Design

6 | Design Implementation

1 | First Appointment

Every project begins with our First Appointment.  For most new construction projects, this appointment serves as an opportunity to work with your designer on the portion of your project that is most pressing.  We typically suggest a plan review appointment, but if you have something specific you need to cover immediately, we accommodate most requests.  During this 1 or 2 hour appointment, we will have an opportunity to work together, handling your design requests.  Following the appointment, we will discuss your specific needs and budget and will present a design proposal for your project.  Pricing for these appointments is as follows:

1 Hour $350

2 Hour $650



Step 2 | Architectural Review

In this phase, we engage with you to establish a comprehensive understanding of the functional requirements destined for your new home. We initiate collaboration with your Architect at the onset of the design process, offering valuable insights into furniture layouts and functional necessities that may influence the architectural design.  During this process, we will provide the following:

  • Preliminary Functional Scope for your home
  • Preliminary Furniture Layouts for Architect provided plans
  • Redlined Architectural Consultants Package
  • Review of permit documents for inclusion of design concepts

Starting at $1,000

Step 3 | Conceptual Design

The Conceptual Design Phase aims to delineate meticulous functional and design prerequisites tailored to you, your home, and your family. It is within this phase that we delve profoundly into the nuances of your lifestyle within your home, understand your family’s design preferences, clarify your values, assess your budgetary constraints, and envision the transformative impact of choices on your lifestyle within your home. Your designer’s objective during this phase is to cultivate the perceptual acumen necessary to envisage your home and the array of options that should be presented through your mind’s eye.  During this phase, you will be provided with the following:

  • Interior and Exterior Conceptual Mood Boards
  • Fixture and Finish Budget
  • Rendered Plan with key feature notations
  • Updated Functional Scope for your home and each room

Starting at $5,000

Step 4 | Schematic Selections

Our Schematic Selections Phase serves as a crucial milestone, particularly suited for clients collaborating with specific builders or those desiring a more hands-on approach throughout the design process, seeking limited assistance as they navigate forward.

If you builder has preferred subcontractors and showrooms, we seamlessly integrate with affiliates to make the selections with you. Together, we streamline the decision-making process, ensuring efficiency and efficacy in crafting your home. Furthermore, we provide you with a specification package that provides finish and style selections for the following key elements in your home:

  • Exterior Finish Schematics
  • Finish and Surface Selections throughout the home
  • Decorative Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures
  • Interior and Front Door Styles
  • Cabinet Finish and Styles
  • Integration of selections with Builder’s Specification Platform and AMD Standard Specification Package

Starting at $10,000

Step 5 | Final Design Plans

During this phase, your designer will intricately develop a comprehensive set of design plans.  Throughout this meticulous process, every intricate detail, often overlooked or perceived as a ‘mistake’ post-project completion, will be carefully considered. This encompasses detailed drawings of every interior and exterior space of your home. Guided by us, you will explore options for every fixture and finish, ensuring a tailored design process. As this phase concludes, you and your contractor will receive the following:

  • Mood Boards for each room
  • Samples of all finishes to be utilized in your home
  • Full set of Design Plans that Include
    • FEP Plan
    • Reflected Ceiling Plan
    • Design Elevations with height and dimension guides for all fixtures and finishes
    • Design Construction Details
  • Full Fixture and Finish Specification Package
  • Estimates for all fixtures and finishes
  • Procurement, storage and delivery included in the cost of the fixtures and finishes when purchased through AMD

Starting at $20,000

Step 6 | Design Implementation

During the course of your home construction, we will collaborate with your contractor to ensure that every question is answered quickly and efficiently.  Your designer will attend regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of work, and prevent or catch costly or untimely mistakes.  We will ensure that fixtures and finishes are ordered and arrive on time, in order to prevent delays or the need for disappointing reselections.  Our team will stand by you, answering questions, providing feedback and keeping the project on track every step of the way.

Starting at $2,000 per month