Furnishing Design

Our furniture design and selection services provides our clients with a comprehensive selection and installation process.  We will begin the process with our Working First Appointment.  The phases to follow will establish a final plan, design concept and furniture specifications.  Each phase is intended to provide a completed step in the process of designing your home.

Our Furniture Planning and Design Packages are provided in 5 Phases:

1 | First Appointment

2 | Conceptual Programming

3 | Preliminary Design

4 | Final Design

5 | Procurement and Installation

1 | First Appointment

Every project begins with our First Appointment.  We can cover a myriad of design needs during this appointment, ranging from establishing a furniture budget, to evaluating existing furniture and making some recommendations.  Our typical furniture design appointment provides you with a summary of furniture items, a budget, and a plan layout.  Every appointment will include a 15 minute discovery call, a project concept review, as well as a 1, 2 or 3 hour block of time, in which we will meet at your home and can cover the design needs established during the phone call.  These appointment fees are as follows:

1 Hour $350

2 Hour $650

3 Hour $950

Step 2 | Conceptual Programming

Over the course of one to two weeks, our draftsman will draw up plans for your home, we will gather information regarding your wants and needs, your designer will meet with you at your home to plan and design with you, and answer any design questions you may have.  Upon completion of this service, you will be provided with:

  • A floor plan of your home or the spaces to be designed that includes your proposed furniture layout
  • A detailed budget for your new furnishings, based on your specific needs
  • A Conceptual Mood Board for your home to help guide the process
  • A detailed outline of the steps required for your customized design process

This service requires a two room minimum and is priced per room.

Starting at $1,500



Step 3 | Preliminary Design

Following the completion of your Conceptual Programing, the Preliminary Design of your home will summarize the intended design for each furnished room.  You will work with your designer to establish a strategic design schematic that you can shop with, or will lead the way for the Final Design Phase.  At the conclusion of the Preliminary Design Phase, you will be armed with the following key design documents:

  • Final Furniture Plan for each space
  • Mood Boards for every furnished room of your home, proposing conceptual ideas for all key pieces of furniture, as well the proposed feel of each space

Starting at $3,500

Step 4 | Final Design

During the final design, your designer will provide you a series of furniture options within your desired budget for all pieces of furniture in your home.  You will be provided with all fabric and finish selections for approval, as well a detailed proposal for all furniture items.  Upon request, this phase can be completed using retail options, should you desire to handle the procurement process independently.  At the conclusion of this phase, you will be provided the following documents:

  • Up to 5 options for each piece of furniture
  • All available finish and fabric samples
  • Final selection board for every room
  • Detailed proposal for all furnishings
  • Buying Guide, if selections are on the retail market *additional fees apply

Starting at $5,000

Step 5 | Procurement and Installation

Once your design and budget has been approved, we handle every detail when it comes to procuring, storing and delivering your new home furnishings.  Our team will keep you updated regularly on the progress of every piece you have ordered, and will schedule the delivery of your new furnishings and removal and disposal of your unwanted items.  Our procurement and installation process includes the following:

  • Order processing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Warranty handling
  • Reselections for discontinued or backordered pieces
  • Storage Coordination
  • Furnishing removal
  • Art Installation
  • Furniture Installation
  • Accessory Styling

Included in the Cost of Furnishings